What is Running Injuries?

Running has become one of the most popular ways to improve and maintain fitness, and to stay in shape. In fact, more than 40 millionTrusted Source Americans run on a regular basis.
Although running is a great way to stay active, many runners have to deal with an injury at some point.
More than 80 percentTrusted Source of running injuries are caused by repetitive stress, but sudden injuries like a sprained ankle or a torn muscle can happen, too.


If you’re like many runners, you may be logging hundreds or even thousands of miles per year. The repetitive impact of all those foot strikes can take a toll on your muscles, joints, and connective tissue.
According to a 2015 review of studiesTrusted Source, the knees, legs, and feet are the most common injury areas for runners. The review breaks down the location-specific incidence of running injuries as follows:
Knees: 7.2 to 50 percent
Lower leg: 9.0 to 32.2 percent
Upper leg: 3.4 to 38.1 percent
Foot: 5.7 to 39.3 percent
Ankles: 3.9 to 16.6 percent
Hips, pelvis, or groin: 3.3 to 11.5 percent
Lower back: 5.3 to 19.1 percent

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