Motor Relearning Program

Stroke, also termed a cerebrovascular accident or cerebral paralysis, is a sudden disease due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. Stroke has a high morbidity, mortality, disability rate and recurrence rate. Approximately 2 million new patients with stroke appear yearly in India, and 70–80% of them cannot live independently because of disability.

Modern rehabilitation theory and practice demonstrate that effective rehabilitation training can ameliorate functional disability in stroke patients, improve their quality of life, improve rehabilitation, reduce potential nursing costs and decrease social resources. A motor relearning program is a rehabilitation training focusing on motor function recovery post central nervous system injury, and is based on theories of biomechanics, sports science, neuroscience and cognitive psychology. This method aims to restore the motor function of patients using scientific motor and learning methods.

The motor relearning program involves rehabilitation in room, and is:

Active: The patient should actively participate in the training with the guidance of therapists, and they should analyze factors and causes of their functional disturbance and solve the problems through persistent training (this is the basis of the motor relearning program).

Scientific: The motor relearning program is a scientific training method as it is designed according to the theories of biomechanics, sports science, neuroscience and cognitive psychology specifically to common motor disturbance in stroke patients.

Specific: The learning and training content of the program is designed individually according to motor disturbance in different patients.

Practical: The motor training in the program is closely related with functional activities in daily life.

Systematic: In addition to learning in the treatment room, learning transfer and persistence are involved in the program, which requires participation of the patients families.

Thus, the motor relearning program is regarded as one of the most advanced rehabilitation approaches.

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